On the Cover of the S. E. P. (Saturday Evening Post)

On the Cover of the S.E. P. (Saturday Evening Post)

   Well,it doesn’t have the ring of “The cover of the Rolling Stone”, but its still kind of neat experience. When I was a child, I would go to my grandparent’s (Cleaver) house in Moorestown, NJ. I would play with the Light Bright, work and puzzles and periodically sit on the couch behind the coffee table. The coffee table held their favorite magazines-Readers Digest and the Saturday Evening Post. I liked the humor and inspiring stories in Reader’s Digest, and I loved the Norman Rockwell cartoons in the Saturday Evening Post. Both magazines are a throwback to a time that seemed simpler-


Last year I was part of an article written by Ellen Michaud that was featured in Live Happy-“Live on Less to Give More-The Philanthropist Next Door”-which is nicely featured on the cover!. They took my photo in the yoga studio (I love the energy of it) and that was that…until I found out the article was picked up by Saturday Evening Post! Low and behold, my part has been whittled down to a few paragraphs and the photo is gone-just Phill Gulley and his wife remain- but heck, Grandma and Grandpa 2017, I might just be on your coffee table!

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Leave it to Cleaver Sunday November 12: Ibrahim Diarra

This Sunday my guest will be local legend and non-profit supporter, Ibrahim Diarra. Ibrahim wants to talk about all of those non-profits in the Richmond, Indiana area that might not be getting noticed.


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Walk the Walk-The Richmond Art Walk

Earlier this year, I took part in the Creative Leadership Institute of Richmond, Indiana. The Institute brings together a diverse group of Richmond residents, teaches them about local non-profits and then challenges them to create group projects.

My group looked at a few ideas and then finally settled on a  in which we would investigate the stories behind local artworks and from that create a trail that would introduce those artworks to others. Shaun at the Art Museum, gave us some ideas..and we decided to go with a mix of modalities which included statues, photography, murals and more!

Check the rough creation out at: Walk the Walk-The Richmond Art Walk

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